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About Us

The Turning Pointe

Come Worship
with us!

Every Sunday at 9:00am and 10:30am

Kids Pointe at 9:00am Preschool-5th grade

Nurseries open at 9:00am and 10:30am

F3 Youth Group at 9:00am 6th-12th grade

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What We Believe

Our mission is to follow God by Trusting, Together and Pointing to Jesus. If you are ready to explore and grow in Christ, then welcome home!

Through the years, I've served as the hands and feet of Jesus in many different ways; serving as leader and volunteer of children's and youth ministries, small group study leader, and in community outreach helping feed those in need. But perhaps my most meaningful service has been to uplift our TTP members as part of the prayer team. 

Kathy Oeth

Why I Volunteer at TTP

I enjoy volunteering for lots of reasons, but if I had to point to one thing, I do it because Jesus told us to be kind to our neighbors. I believe when we help others and are just generally kind to others, that has to be something that makes Jesus smile, and what better reason to do anything could there be? 

Doug Donner

After we get all the presents back, the Angel Tree team sorts them and I deliver them. This is the reason I keep doing this ministry every year! Delivery day is one of my absolute favorite days of the entire year. I know that the joy that the employees at the Trustee's Office and school have is miniscule compared to the joy that we are bringing to kids.

Carrie Parmenter

We love to serve our Missions

United Methodist Youth Home
Food Pantry
United Caring Services
Angel Tree
United Caring Services
Costa Rica Mission Team
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