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Spiritual Gifts

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What's the purpose of Spiritual Gifts?

Our Spiritual Gifts build up the church for God's purpose.  God has given  each of us unique gifts from his grace and we are called to use them to serve one another and to build his kingdom. To discover your unique gifts is to unleash the power of your passion and be unified with others in service to our Lord Jesus.
As disiples we serve God best and grow much deeper when we find, understand, and use the gifts he's given us.
Your giftedness might be service within our church, or in the community, or both and to answer that call outs you in the center of God's will for your life. 
We learn our gifts as a way of honoring God's will and serving for his glory.
Using your gifts in partnership with the Holy Spirit will not only serve the kingdom but also be spiritually life-changing for you.
Tp help find your unique place in service at TTP, using Spiritual Gifts makes sure the fit is happy and holy.

How to Discover your Gift

The Turning Pointe offers a Spiritual Gifts Inventory. The inventory is a series of statements that you respond to given your unique spiritual character. The inventory determines the gift or gifts you have. With this and the other information you give on the inventory, it is possible to locate you in a ministry that allows you to operate from your gifts,  When the Body of Christ, of which you are a part, is operating from its gifts the kingdom grows!

Discovering your gift is the first step in God's purpose for you. The second step is finding the right place to engage in your spiritual gifts.

Gift Opportunities

​-Hospitality Team
-United Caring Services
-Food Pantry
-Prayer Team
-Card Ninjas
-Leadership Council
-Counting Team
-Isaiah 117
-and more


TTP'S 17 Spiritual Gifts



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Changing Lives/Volunteering

Did you know that by discovering your spiritual gift, you have the ability to change lives?
The Mission Team is a great example of discovering and engaging your God-given gift by helping others.
They changed lives in Costa Rica by helping, building and providing the people with clean sustainable water. Not only did the Mission team change the lives of those they served, but God also blessed our volunteers with lives changed by service and purpose.

There are numerous important causes in the world and quality places to volunteer your time. It is in a local church where a person can be made brand new and become redeemed. By discovering your Spiritual gifts and volunteering with your church will give a greater purpose in your life.
This gift that God has given you will give you a broader perspective on serving and building friendships you didn't know you could have. Not only are you changing other peoples lives around you but you are also changing your life with greater purpose.

Want to know more about your gifts?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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