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Together Groups 

Trusting Together & Pointing to Jesus


In keeping with our church mantra, Trusting Together & Pointing to Jesus, we invite you to take the next step in deepening your faith walk. By getting together and supporting each other, we can have a richness in our relationships that surpasses many we have outside of church. We know from Matthew 18:20 that “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am with them.”

Our small group experience at The Turning Pointe is evolving! We are in the midst of creating something wonderful for our members. The newly formed groups will be referred to as Together Groups and will offer the following five elements for building Disciples of Christ:

  • Fellowship
    This is the easy part for many of us-getting together-but it is vitally important for the life of this church that we engage in our faith walk, not just as individuals, but in groups; a sort of living, breathing example of being the Body of Christ.

  • Bible Study
    There is no greater way to grow our faith than to be in the Word. This can be bible verse exploration, or life event/topical exploration with Biblical application. This requirement helps us learn how the Bible is still relevant today.

  • Time of Prayer
    This may be an opening prayer, a closing prayer, or a request for who needs prayer. Certainly, your group may study on how people pray, and how different kinds of prayers fit for different people, or different spiritual needs. Prayer is powerful and meaningful, and needs to be a part of what Together Groups do when they meet.

  • Ministry of Mission
    Ideally, the group can find a project or a place in the church or the community to help out. Serving together often deepens our faith and sense of connection to one another and to a larger family of Believers.

  • Accountability
    Not a “gotcha” thing at all. Personal growth has to do with owning where you are and where you hope to go. Part of what makes that more possible is if others go along with you and support you. So for the purposes of this discussion, group members will let each other know the area in which they would benefit from accountability partners.

    An example of this is letting your group members know that you have trouble finding the time to do the reading for the week. When you meet, then, another group member, or the group facilitator, can ask if you made the time and did the reading. Another example might be that praying out loud is not something with which you are comfortable. However, through the encouragement of informed group members, you can grow your comfort level with this.


Contact Pastor Scott if you are interested in joining at Together Group at

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